Pop Some More Memories with Gourmet Popcorn & Nostalgic Candy

Offering a family-friendly atmosphere to enjoy and spend
quality time with your loved ones

Over The Moon Popcorn

Fresh Popcorn with Ice Cream Sundae in Hays County

Over The Moon Popcorn

Are you getting bored at home and want to have some sweets or popcorn? Come along with your family and have a relaxing time over some delicious popcorn, icecream, and candy.

Over The Moon Popcorn is a family-owned and operated business that sells a variety of popcorns, including nostalgic candy and fudge. We are not in business just for the sake of it. This is a platform for you to let your inner child find fun in the little things and taste the sweets that are rare to find.

We are a brand new business, and primarily serve customers from Hays County and surrounding areas.

Freshly Made Popcorns & Flavors

We offer home-made popcorns that are rich in quality and contain no preservatives. We specialize in creating new types of popcorns to delight your taste buds with a variety of flavors. Our popcorns are fresh and available in cups of multiple sizes.

We strive to bring back old sweets and let you enjoy the delicacies of our creative venture in the food industry.

Candy Gondala Northwest side of store

Our Goal

At Over the Moon Popcorn, we are committed to creating An atmosphere of family fun and togetherness atmosphere. It will surely be a nostalgic rewind for the adults to try the sweets and delicacies which were famous during the old times.